6 Wooden Puzzles Available In Australia

Wooden puzzle solutions for challenge games for kids are perfect for those times your child has taken a puzzle apart and needs a little assistance in getting it back together. Written wooden puzzle solutions are excellent to assist with reading skills and following directions. Visual wooden puzzle solutions will help a child learn to follow directions by visualizing the puzzle solved, and then solving it themselves.


Snake Cube Puzzle


Snake Cube: Handmade & Organic Serpent Cube 3D Brain Teaser Wooden Puzzle for Adults from SiamMandalay with SM Gift Box(Pictured)



Upon first sight, children may think they know exactly how to solve a snake cube puzzle but they will quickly be thinking again. One of the best manual puzzle mind teasers, the goal of the puzzle is to “uncoil” the snake from its original cube form and then coil it back again into a cube form. Much more difficult than first glance, the Snake Cube Puzzle will keep the kids boggled for hours. Best suited for older children.


Wooden Pyramid Puzzles

Wooden pyramid puzzles such as the Block Pyramid, are great for curious minds. Kids will have fun taking apart the Block Pyramid puzzle and will enjoy the confidence-building challenge of putting this intermediate puzzle back together. Wooden pyramid puzzles teach young children problem-solving skills, as well as fine motor skills and spatial reasoning. Puzzles are a great learning tool for developing concentration and eye-hand coordination through the trial and error of finding the correct solution.


The Birdhouse Puzzle

The Birdhouse puzzle is a fantastic intermediate challenge game for kids. They will love discovering the trick to unlocking this puzzle and releasing the sphere. The Birdhouse challenge game for kids will help children develop cognitive skills in remembering how to take it apart and put it back together. Fine motor skills are strengthened in manipulating the pieces, all while stimulating curiosity through problem-solving and memory building skills to do it again and again.


The Ballroom

The Ballroom is a sphere wooden puzzle. It is a great puzzle for beginners. This sphere wooden puzzle has a smooth surface and round shape making it is easy to hold onto and easy for small hands to maneuver. This sphere wooden puzzle will assist a child in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills that are so important for young learners, while at the same time promoting problem-solving skills. Puzzles are a wonderful and playful tool for encouraging speech and building self-confidence as well.


The Coast to Coast

The Coast to Coast is a wonderful beginner puzzle any child would enjoy. Children will be motivated to solve this puzzle because when successfully put together it is a fun toy as well. Kids will love the satisfaction and sense of independence they receive from assembling this puzzle. This wooden challenge game for kids will teach valuable problem-solving skills in addition to organizational skills. Imagine the self-confidence of pulling around a toy they put together themselves!


The Charleston Fortress puzzle

The Charleston Fortress puzzle is an interesting and fun challenge game for kids. Beginners will love this tiling puzzle while learning to sort and classifying skills through the various shapes and patterns. Early math skills are learned through organizing and categorizing pieces. This wooden challenge game for kids is attractive to the eye and mind with its stimulating shapes and colors, it will provide hours of enjoyment.

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