Steps To Take For a Safe and Enjoyable Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are a fun and simple activity that children of any age can enjoy. Egg hunts do require some planning from creating the eggs to preparing the house. Several steps will help anyone to plan and execute a safe and entertaining Easter egg hunt. ( more tips on a fun eater egg hunt here)

Make Basic Repairs to Remove Hazards

Make basic repairs and perform maintenance in the area where the Easter egg hunt will take place. This could mean fixing fences and trimming dead branches if the hunt is being held outdoors. If the hunt is taking place inside the house, then this will mean fixing lose trim, securing loose stairs and repairing floors or carpets. This creates a much safer environment for the kids.

Clean the House

The next step is to clean the house. A clean house gives the children space to have fun before and after the Easter egg hunt. This is necessary if the hunt is being held inside since clutter and dust can confuse children and cause them to get dirty. It is a good idea to hire house cleaning services the day before the hunt to get everything spotless.

Mark Starting and Ending Points

Kids will need some direction to prevent them from spending time looking for eggs in areas where there are none. A starting and ending point should be marked with ribbons, decorations or balloons. The boundaries for the egg hunt can be marked as well to keep children within a certain area. This will help to focus the egg hunt on the right locations.

Hide Eggs Just an Hour before Starting

The eggs should be hidden around an hour before the hunt starts. If they are hidden earlier than this, then there might be enough time for time for pets, pests and the weather to damage the eggs. The eggs should be kept in a safe place for as long as possible before they are hidden.

Make Sure Kids Know the Rules

There are many types of Easter egg hunts. Make sure all the kids participating know the rules. They should know how many eggs they can find and whether there are special eggs. They should get clues right at the beginning if it is a scavenger hunt. Children will have more fun if the rules are clear and simple.

Count the Eggs That Are Found

A running total should be kept of all the eggs that are found. This will prevent one or two eggs from being missed. Easter eggs left around the home might not be discovered until house cleaning services find them later. If some eggs are missing, then encourage kids to keep looking until they are found.

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