Top 5 Best EU LCS Playoffs, LOL Team Comps And Strategies

League of Legends, one of the most popular MOBA games in the world right now, With very high population around the globeĀ and with very high prize pool, now League of Legends already become one of the best online games in 2016, And here we can learn from the best team comps in the tournament, to be better and beyond.

#5: G2 vs FNC: Game 3

G2 started out with a fantastic pick ban phase by banning Ekko, Alistar, and Nidalee, 3 champions that Fnatic dominated G2 with in game 2. While this did allow Fnatic to first pick Kindred, a top tier jungler for Spirit, G2 was able to put together a late game scaling comp that would easily best Fnatic’s double TP comp we’ve seen time and time again in LoL Esports competitive games, if given the time to scale up.

Kikis’ Trundle took an early first blood on a solo kill of Gamsu’s Poppy in the top lane, and parleyed that into a gank on mid that secured Perkz’s Ryze a double kill. On the backs of a fed tank and hyper carry, G2 was able to pull out a win in a 29 minute bloodbath, ending with 21 kills and setting a tone for the rest of the series that Fnatic simply could not match.

#4: H2K vs Origen: Game 5

Origen began their pick ban phase the same way they had in the first four matches of the series, by banning Twisted Fate away from Ryu and Nidalee away from Jankos. Origen ran in to trouble early, overextending twice on opposite sides of the map and giving up the first two kills of the game. However, Origen was able to take towers, dragons, and a large CS lead, basically nullifying the two kills given up early by Mithy and sOAZ.

In the first team fight of the game, Origen was able to wipe the floor with H2K, earning themselves the first baron of the game after a 4 for 1 kill advantage. H2K was never able to recover. Origen slowly wittled away at H2K’s base, largely due to PowerOfEvil’s “LoL pro builds” standard late game item build of Rod, Athene’s, and Void Staff. The middle of Origen’s lineup showed us exactly how to play League of Legends, going deathless and securing Origen’s spot in the Finals.

#3 H2K vs Origen: Game 3

H2K dominated this game from the outset, picking up top tier pick Sivir for Forg1ven, and Ekko and Lissandra in later rounds of pick ban. Origen could have picked up Lulu with the last pick of the round, but opted for Kassadin instead. The pick proved to be fatal.

PowerOfEvil never got the Kassadin rolling, Odoamne constantly harassed sOAZ’s Maokai out of lane, and H2K rolled to a 5k gold lead at 20 minutes. By the 25 minute mark, H2K had picked up a 12k gold lead, 6 towers, 2 dragons, and the first and last baron of the game. H2K got two inhibitors in the first minute of the baron buff and rolled to an easy 30 minute flawless stomp.

#2 FNC vs VIT: Game 3

This game was a fantastic example of how meta strategy can overpower counterpicks. Febiven’s Azir should have been able to dominate Nukeduck’s Gangplank, but Vitality played the double TP comp to perfection, and were able to secure enough of a gold lead throughout the game to dictate the tempo of the match.

Shook’s Elise got an early double kill and a TP outplay allowed an out of position Nukeduck to secure two more kills shortly thereafter. A 22 minute baron bait and a 32 minute ace secured Vitality’s win in game 3 of the series and avoided a clean sweep in the quarterfinals.

#1 FNC vs VIT: Game 1

In game 1 of their quarterfinals match against Vitality, Fnatic gave us a tutorial on how to thoroughly demoralize a team in a best of five series. Picks and bans went as one would expect from a game 1, with top tier picks banned and chosen across the board.

While the game was close as far as kills were concerned, Fnatic slowly crept ahead on minions killed and towers. In another “how to play League of Legends” moment, Fnatic aced Vitality while securing baron for themselves, shutting the door on Vitality’s chances on winning game one in the action packed final minutes of the game.

Throughout the playoffs, the most consistently dominant strategy has clearly been the double teleport top/mid lane. The pressure it places on all lanes leads to early towers, quick kills, flanking, and can simply turn a team fight around against a team without said advantage. We’ll see if Riot Games does anything between MSI and the beginning of the Summer Split to counteract this clearly OP strategy.

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